Forum Thread: How to find a hacker who can trust?

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If you happen to find this magical person, please let me know.

You can't. Do not trust anyone on this earth.

A hacker you can trust is an infosec professional.

Any certified professional that you know and can be sure they will act in a lawful manor.

When I was in college, in the late 1990's, I had a friend who was a hacker. This is what he told me:

Read everything you can. If you come across a term or concept that you don't know, stop what you are reading and research that term. Eventually, the terms that you don't know will be less and less frequent.

That is precisely what I did.The very first technique that I learned was how to find the password
for a dialup connection (in Windows 98) in a certain log file.

Around that same time, I had started using Linux as my main operating system. Making things work in Linux at that time took a bit of effort. Fortunately, that also meant that I ended up learning a good bit about networking and general operating system concepts.
So my point here is that people want to be a hacker but they really don't want to sacrifice it been a hacker that's why you see a lot of fakers out there pretending to be who they not and convincing people so as to get what they want from them which is not right,all of what ave done since day one have all been a result of hard work that's why I improve my skills every yes you can get a trustworthy hacker just search in the right place.

Step 1:

Would like you to be more specific. Are you looking for a hacker? or a Security Consultant or a Penetration tester? Real :hacker" never use their skills for work purposes.

Would you mind trying REMOVED(courtesy

I think you were trying to be helpful, but posting email addresses to "hackers for hire" will usually get you flagged for spam and banned.

I am looking for a android online game hacker ..if anyone can hack online server based android game then let me know ..

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