Forum Thread: How to Find Internal Ip from Static Ip

i am new here

i just want to know how can we get access to different pc witch is not in your network using their static ip. i have static ip of his internet but i don't know how can i make access to his pc and make some fun


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If your across the Internet, and there isn't anything openly facing the Internet to attack, you'll need to do some social engineering or hack the router and set up some port forwarding.

So, you have static IP of their WAN (internet address provided by ISP)? And you are trying to find the IP of a particular host on the LAN?

Just a side note, most ISPs don't issue static IPs as the default (you have to pay for those). Most appear static, but they most likely change after a certain period, thus, they are dynamic.

you can't.

There are usually many internal IPs for one external IP, so I don't see how you want to find the internal from the external.

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