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Ok, so I would like to know how to find out IP address of a remote computer over internet. I know about getting the user to my site and logging their IP address, but I am looking forward to more intuitive method of getting the target's IP. Directing the user to my site is not the best way to get the IP for instance the user will get suspicious when asking hit to visit a site for no obvious reason, moreover anyone with even a slight knowledge would figure out the reason. Also it fails if target has dynamic IP. Well you don't expect the user to visit my site every time his IP changes. Is there any method of knowing the target's IP without raising any suspicion like though chatting through facebook or other social media?

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Video chats can be used to trace an IP address, there's a guide about half way through this article.

Yes I knew about sniffing IP using video call. Will it work with normal voice call???

Im not sure to be honest, give it a try and find out.

A website which logs an IP is still useful as long as you use a bit of SE (social engineering). But are you trying to reach/find a PC in your local network?

But the problem with website way is that any user who has knowledge of this may get suspicious. Moreover if the user has dynamic IP and I wish to find his IP again then it is highly unlikely he will visit my website again. I am looking a way to grab someone's IP without arousing any suspicion.

If you have an email from the target, you can get their IP from the header of the email.

Doesn't seem to work in gmail. Checked it with my friend. All I get is google's server ip in header

Its in the hidden part of the header. I'll do a tutorial on it soon.


Thats great. Can't wait for your next how-to. Your tutorials are of great help.

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