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Hello Null-Byte community, as you know since OTW left, his profile has been deleted. however his tutorials are still there... How can we find them all in the same place as before. There are some interresting tutorials he has made and I can't find the entire list since I can't necessarely recall all of the titles.

Thank you

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Why did he leave? :(

I miss him.

I also tried to "Follow" him but I couldn't because he's not here anymore :(

I figured out how to find all the tutorials first tried using the "way back machine", but was not very successful, only carried the first page.

to find all the tutorials it download the photo from his profile. on here

and then do a search by image on Google

the profile photo is the key

I had to register me here to tell you that, after all he taught me with these tutorials, I hope you enjoy and pass it for others

It would be nice if someone created a script to download all pages of it and do a file with all tutorials.

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