Forum Thread: How to Find SQL Vulerable Link from a Specific Site

How can find a link that is vulnerable to SQL Injection from a site for e.g. and find that link from ?

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They don't show how to find a vuln link from a specific website

Do you know?

to find sql vulnerabilities in a SPECIFIC site you should scan it with a scanner like burp suite pro or vega(and many others available). And there is a chance(rare) of false positives.

You should avoid web scanners. They really light up IDSs and generate a lot of unnecesary log entries.

Google is a good option. just search for: (site:"" ext:php inurl:"id=") and there you have potentialy vulnerable urls. All you have to do now is to manually test them, appending quotes into the url or some other characters to see how the website behaves.

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