Forum Thread: Find the Wpa Key if I Have WPS PIN

I used reaver (v1.6) with pixiewps to get the wpa passphrase but it only got me the wps pin using this command:
reaver -i wlan0mon -b <MAC Address> -c 1 -S -vv -K -f
now when I use reaver with the pin it gets stuck showing me this error:
! WARNING: Receive timeout occurred. Any help with where should I go from there would be appreciated.

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Don't use reaver, it makes things difficult and errors are mostly to occur, I suggest using Wifite instead.

this is the command i got from wifite2 with the option -vvv:
bully --channel 11 --bssid A4:C8:3F:5A:3A:4D --pin 39151568 --bruteforce --force wlan0mon

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