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Hello everyone!

I have a general understanding of Linux, pentesting, and somewhat of network traffic, but I've always wondered how to get an IPaddress remotely. Traffic sniffing seems like it would only work if you are near the location of the target, but I might be wrong. Any replies are appreciated.


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Depends, there are many ways to go about getting an IP address. Are you talking about a home network IP, or a web server IP, etc...?

Not a web server, but a targeted machine (non-web server, workstation, etc.)

If it isn't hosting anything on the web, you wont be able to find it through a whois or DNS lookup. So this might require some social engineering as Grinning Veil suggested.

If you want to find someone's ip you can go to You enter your email and it gives you a bunch of links to send them. When they click on a link it will email you their public ip address. Just follow the directions on the website. The network they are conected to is the ip it will send meaning that if they are on their home network then it will send that like 172.x.x.x or whatever. If they open it on their phone while connected to cell connection it will give you something weird though. Good luck!

Thank you, I will check out that site tomorrow, it's 11 PM here :)

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