Forum Thread: First CTF Awards and Results

First and foremost I would like to declare Joe Schmoe and Dragon Slayer of team ForLulz the First 1337 CTF H4X0Rs of Null-Byte congratulations guys and thanks for participating and posting your write up!!!!

A close second and honorable mention goes to team RAZE. Despite their technological difficulties they pressed on and eventually were able to capture as many flags from the server as they could and in addition they documented their trouble and posted for other teams to learn from. Thanks for Participating Phoenix750 and WireWise!!!

Final Score: 6
Flags Exfiltrated: 6
Flags Cracked: 1

Final Score: 6
Flags Exfiltrated: 6
Flags Cracked: 1

I also want to give a special thank you to Sstrykerr of team Wolfpack for helping me prepare this competition and offering his help and resources for future NullByte CTF events.

Now many of you have given me suggestions for the next competition and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for the next CTF please don't hesitate to send me a PM outlining your ideas.

For anyone that would like to be a dedicated organizer for the next event Please send an email to your availability, strengths, and skills you can bring to the organizing team as well as any ideas you would like to help implement in the next event.

Finally I would like to thank OTW and everyone else that helped make the first CTF a reality THANK YOU


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Thanks to you too, suser, for organizing everything.

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