Forum Thread: First Experiences with "Hacking"?

I'm using the term "hacking" quite loosely - if it was by script-kiddying, then so be it. I'm just kinda curious about where everyone got started with computer security. What was the first time you compromised a device or exploited a weakness in a system, be it a network, a computer or anything else?

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I hacked some wood when I was young. ;-P

One day I realized I was interested in hacking (after many years of self taught programming), but then realized I didn't know anything about it. So I started googling... reading... downloading...

And here I am, slowly achieving world's domination.

Jokes apart, I started googling hacking theory just for fun, then I started archiving and cataloging every new piece of information I got day by day, to then look at the bigger picture. I wish I knew "Hacking the Art of Exploitation" book existed a long while ago.

Honestly, Null Byte is truly the best place to start, probably absolutely.

The first thing thing I hacked was a website, I tried SQLi injection (Skiddish back then), the WAF blocked the SQLi so, I had no luck. The website was running an old kernel version, though. The version was 1.6.13 (Old), which I surprisingly had some exploits for. And, after that, I just simply defaced it.



My first hacking (and I didn't even know it) was trying to make my Wii/Wii games glitch out, which was fun at some times. I also started working with Homebrew because I could unlock the full secrets of the game console. Now I can host my own webpages on my Wii. Hacking is a great experience!

I started off a long time ago (when I was far too young for my own good) at school when I realised that staff and pupil computers used the same network (a bad idea). The pupil accounts were locked down and we couldn't access the command prompt use "My Network Places". So I made a batch file that launched command prompt to work around it, and use the net view command to get around the network, and it ended with me pulling the files from the admin server onto a usb stick. And then deleting it because it was boring.

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