Forum Thread: First Five Charcters remain Fixed, Crunch ??

i want to create a wordlist of 9 characters in which first five characters "INDIA" always remain same but remaining charcters change to numbers. like india1234,india1235,india1236 .......................... ANy Help Please ?? What command should i use in crunch???

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Is there a specific reason for creating the list ? or is it a one time use list? If you only need it just for one specific job and you have a video card and a hash try oclhashcat. The advantage to this is one cracking speed (much faster than aircrack MUCH), but most importantly it creates the list and runs it against the hash simultaneously. It eliminates the need to save these rather large files since it discards the generated passwords after using them. Alternatively you could pipe ( | ) Crunch's output into your chosen cracking program.

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