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Good evening everyone.So far its been 8 months since i joined null byte and i must say that my experience keeps getting better.Keep up guys.

I am well aware of the famous -1 channel bug in airodump and i know that it can easily be countered by downing your wireless interface using ifconfig wlan0 down or using --ignore negative one.I recently found out how wps locked state can be unlocked by using various type of mdk3 attacks simultaneously e.g mdk3 g mdk3 a mdk3 b and mdk3 m.I also found out a bash script known as atrophy which is written by soxrok2212 .This bash script can run these mdk3 attacks simultaneously for a specific period of time and than runs reaver after shutting mdk3.

The problem is that when it runs reaver or airodump,the terminal shows fix channel -1 error due to which the wps attack never starts.How can i prevent the fix channel problem while running the bash script.

I hope someone will come out with a solution
Asad Ahmad

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open the script with a text editor and try to modify some parametres wich cause the error !

Can you guide me with details.I mean which parameters would i have to modify?

i can be more helpfull if can u take a desktop sceenshot for the errors lines

Yeah sure i will upload them in a day.Thanks for offering help

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