Forum Thread: How to Fix Sources Directory in Kali ?

I need to update my USB installed Kali version which is 1.1.0 , and i'm having some problems,, nothing get installed nor changed 0. i think there might be something wrong with the links from which they get the resources ,outdated probably , I've tried updating the sources.list from the official page ,, but still no change.

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As far as I understand, you have a USB stick with an old version of Kali installed, and all attempts to upgrade it were futile.

From this page:

If that didn't resolve anything, then I suggest you backup all of your important files to another storage device (on/off-line), erase all partitions from the USB stick, and finally install Kali Sana (2.0) from scratch. Then, of course, copy your backed up data onto the USB stick.

If anything presents a problem to you, draw my attention to it so that I can help out.


I really appreciate it the help ,I've tried but I think that i'm gonna need to erase all partitions from The USB stick , how will i do that? that's the question now , i didn't really search deeply for the method ,but up till now i'm on windows and i try diskpart than list disk and my usb doesn't show up, and when i plug it i see that it only have 2 GO space on it, knowing that it was 7 GO before i installed kali on it, so i guess its like it is burned on it or something.

(( i intent to go through Occupytheweb Linux basic tutorial as a start and really understand the root of the environment , i don't mind installing it on my computer, i mean is that a good idea?, or should i just buy another empty USB,,( not fan of Vmwares) .))

It's understandable that you might not like the power, CPU and memory consumption brought about by the usage of VMs. The choice is yours, but I would personally recommend erasing the USB stick entirely.

Backup all of your data from Kali onto your computer. Then follow these steps to erase the drive fully:

  1. In CMD type diskpart.
  2. In the DISKPART prompt type list disk and look for the number that identifies your disk.
  3. Now type select disk <number> and DISKPART will select the disk.
  4. Type clean to erase the disk with all of its partitions.
  5. Typing create partition primary will create the new main partition.
  6. Type select partition 1 to select the partition that you just created.
  7. Type active to make it active and useable.
  8. Type format fs=fat32 quick to format the drive as FAT32, which is what you need to create a bootable disk. This is the part where you wait.
  9. Finally type exit and you are done with the cleaning.

Now you're back to installing :)
...and retrieving backed up data.


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