Forum Thread: Fluxion on Raspberry pi3

WiFi hacking with raspberry pi3 using fluxion.

Raspberry pi3 comes with inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth. Raspberry pi inbuilt WiFi supports the monitor mode.To use the monitor mode must apply the patch the wifi.

Latest Kali img for raspberry pi3 comes with inbuilt patch.To start the monitor mode by using single command 'monstart' it starts the monitor mode. To stop the monitor mode by 'monstop' command.

Install Kali on Raspberry pi3

Download the latest Kali img for raspberry pi3.write the img into SD card using win32Diskimager and power up the raspberry.

Install Fluxion

New version fluxion is not working in raspberry. Download any old version of fluxion into the raspberry.
Open terminal and type git clone

Follow the Steps

1.monstart fluxion
3.type this ./
4.choose the language number and enter channel WiFi fackAp pyrit Deauth target
10.wait for handshake wed interface the login page
Wait until their connect to fake wifi.

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