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Say a friend was attempted rape by two employees at one restaurant... she goes to police this time, the 2nd, and they say its he said versus she said. Using KaliLinux on my PC, can I use a tool on there to extract text data as further evidence that this happened not just 3 months ago but just recently as well? It helps to corroborate her story yeah? Or what is recommended to extract text data

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It's an OS, not a magic wand.
That's what computers still can't do: unattended and unconvential thinking, I guess.

You must first learn how to use Kali tools and do some recon. Once you are be able to do it, you won't even need help.

Ps. When asking for help, always try to be as clear as possible, what "text data" are you talking about? This might help to involve people... maybe.

There are forensic tools for linux I dont know if kali has any since i use a derivative called parrot but it does but as ciuffy said It's "not a magic wand"

Also whats the evidence? A email threat? Video? Need more specifics

First thing you should do is to clone the hard drive and work off of that. The original should be put away in case it has to be submitted for evidence.

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