Forum Thread: I Forgot My Windows 8.1 Password and I Don't Have Recovery Cd/Dvd So How Can I Reset It...

need help.

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Use a Kali Linux distro on a usb

There are several ways of doing this, as man wuzi said, you can use a kali linux distro on a usb and use its many offline cracking tools (I believe OPHCrack is on there, that's what i would use personally) that would be by far the easiest, or you could get a CMD window open before logon (again, several ways of accomplishing this) and you should have administrator privileges and could possibly change the password without cracking it.

This should take only 10 minutes or less.

  • Boot your windows machine with a Kali or any linux distro.
  • Navigate to the windows system in Kali : /media/C84-DFS4/Windows/System32 where the C84-DFS4 is the name of the windows HD name.
  • Simply replace Utilman with cmd ( Create a backup first ).
  • Boot back to the windows machine and click the button indicated below.
Image via
  • Command prompt should pop up and then replace the password with

#> net user <username> *

where <username> is the name of the account you want to change. If you want a list of users for the computer, type: net user.

This will ask you for a new password, Just type a new password or leave it blank, confirm again with the same password and you are good to go.

  • This option is optional but recommended, Boot back into the Kali machine and replace the swapped files with the Original backups after replacing the password.

Unable to access C drive in Linux?

Click on my name use my guide. It works on 8.1 as well

Reset using built-in options in Win-8.1 (takes 5-min) Advanced Re-boot (Reset only password) (I have no idea why is it built-in)

or u could just get konboot.. does it the EFI way, watch out on mac with it.. i got errors due to connected icloudaccount! (did the trick though, just gave some errors to the address list and others)

NT Password and Ophcrack works fine for me

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