Forum Thread: Free Malware Analysis / Reverse Engineering Online Course

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If these courses are any way decent, that looks like a great resource. Have you taken any of the courses there?

Thanks, and for the share anyway. I tend to be suspicious of free stuff like this, but there's no harm in checking it out.

Your sharing definitely deserve an upvote. Thx for sharing

Yeah knew about this site. No one to explain the content if you have questions and you can just say you completed the course and buy the badge for 3 bucks. Great share for someone though.

So is it a good or a bad thing? Would you recommend that site?

Well as a site to go look at video content sure. As a pure training tool , Negative. Like I said before for some this will be just what they wanted. For me its not what I need in any way shape or form. But at one time I would of loved something like this.

So as with anything it has its pros and cons. I would be more happy with a CISSP or a CEH V8 Torrent.

Ok that was a good review I guess. Thanks.

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