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I was wondering if anybody knew some good proxy servers that I could use to route terminal traffic through Proxychains. I want to set up a chain of proxies - hence the name, but I don't want to use Tor. Anonymous proxies would be even better.


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I don't maintain a list though there are probably a lot available on the web. A quick Google search turned up this and some others. Keep in mind while routing through proxies that they maybe malicious.

Thank you, this was just what I was looking for, but shouldn't I use the SOCKS proxies instead? These seem to be http, but this is a very useful website.

Depending on what you're doing. If you need more than HTTP then yes use SOCKS.

I'm planning on doing most of my port scans and recon with this, so I think SOCKS would work.

I'm interesting about such question as an author of topic. Please tell me, can my proxy ISP be suitable for such a task?

Sorry? I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.

This is my favourite site, it allows proxy filtration with easy IP:Port exports for my scripts

You can have a VPN client running at the same time as the browser extension for double protection.

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