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Hello Friends, i am an Engineering student and i have been doing ethical hacking since last 4 months, and i am very thankful to Null Byte.

Most of the things i have learnt are from Null Byte and online tutorials and articles.

The only reason i took computer engineering that, i felt i would be learning about such things, networking, hardware, and many more.

Infact they will be teaching but but later in 3 semester and 4 semester.
That to only basics. Now at present i have some useless subjects which i don't have any interest at all.
i reach home at 7. then i have to do all other college stuff. i dont get time to doing what i like.
I am frustrated, sometimes i feel like running away somewhere, or quiting engineering.And do only hacking.
Its like i am forced to study what i dont like. seriously just imagine
that feeling, understand the frustration i get.

Infact now i feel if i had not joined engineering i would have been expert in hacking till now. but now i am almost moderate. If i had not joined i would have learnt a lot more things, and would have been somewhere else. But now the thing is different. I cant tolerate all this things.

I feel peaceful when i do some crazy stuff like, cracking or hacking.

My only aim in life is to be a serious hacker, and i mean it a lot.
But if this goes as it is. I wont get time at all.
And at the time where i should be a proffesional hacker, ill just end being and moderate one..

Please give our opinions, Youll can also share your Problems and
Be relaxed. It feels good.
My friends.

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Hello Anamika,

In order to become a professional hacker, you'll need to do a lot of programming, networking and systems stuff to understand what's going on behind the scenes. Studying engineering will surely help you to achieve that and avoid being a script kiddie.

Keep studying hard.
I am a student as you.
And I learn coding(and English) every single days.
It is a great experience.
I won't give up until I achieve my goal.
Hope you can achieve you goal too,Anamika.

I also want to achieve my goal. and i surely will.
Thank you for your help everyone. DAGONCHU and UNROOT

You're welcome!

A lot of people can be good at one thing, all secondary ability makes the difference.

By example, you may dislike to write a report because it has nothing to do with hacking , but if you want people understand the amazing job you did, it's mandatory to write brillant reports, that kind of stuff is valuable (you can notice the experience of OTW).

My pov is that nothing is useless, you just have to take the good part out of it ;)

ok. BUTWHY42 thank you.
Thank you all for supporting me.
Ill study hard and soon achieve my goal people.
Thanks a lot.

I understand you. I study computer network and in the first couple semesters I felt like 'Will this even be useful?'. But later on I realized everything I've learned become valuable for something bigger (Even math hahah). So, keep studying, and be the best you can be in the course. You'll have a lot of opportunities doing this.

Thanks for your opinion.

Every. Single. Day. i go to high-school the only thing i think about is Hacking; While the teachers are teaching useless stuffs or things i have no interest in, i grab a paper and start making tactics and plans on how to execute my attacks and other stuffs, Sometimes i even think i should quit learning this useless stuff and become a hacker or penetration tester, But dude, you can't do so, you have to study and succed, and hacking could be your backup plan, and am pretty sure you got plenty of time to practice what you love

You and me perfectly same.

I think the same in college. the teacher is teaching her stuff but i am with my hacking stuff and techniques. Thinking to crack the teachers account, Bypass the firewall, Deface the website.

And most important, to Be a successful HACKER.

And i dont want to make Hacking as backup. I m just going on because, i'll do Engineering as backup.But i know my self and i am confident that ill be successful one day. And i really get no time to practice. thats the big problem.

My college starts at 9 am till 5pm. i reach home till 7pm, than other college stuff. Day finished. SO what to do..

To be a succesful hacker you must have patience, Cracking the teachers account or defacing etc... arent going to help you in anyway in matter of fact there are tons of worse things you could do, but instead of doing stuff to hurt people you must use hacking for good, if my school had a website, i would scan it and find the vulnerabilities in it and then ask the headmaster for his permission to patch it and make it safer, That way teachers and other people will appreciate you and It would be an exercise, without exercises and training you won't be able to accomplish anything, And about time: i go to school most of the days from 8am and go back home at 6 or 5 pm (i have a break between 12am and 2 pm) and i quickly do all my homeworks, then i start my computer and start reading articles and tutorials and exploring tools, i even setup a small pentest lab in virtual box (it got windows XP, 7 , 10, ubuntu, metasploitable 2 and soon enough Mac OS X)

I was the same in high school.

Smart kid, poor grades, even in my Information, Processes, and Technology class. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have a very good teacher, and the content was subpar.

I did, however, own my school's server and also gained access to certain... departmental servers.

I would do anything to be 15 again and be able to actually study programming in high school. Such is life.


Hahaha damn, nice Ghost, well i developped some plans that are guaranteed to work, also am planning on hacking the headmaster pc and then own the whole network and then i could either delete all the files (that way everything will get f**d up) or i could change my grades, also, Damn i can't express this but some people are born to be different, we're those guys...

Don't damage their files, it could affect other students. Harmless pranks are the way to go.


Agree with GHOST.

Agreed. I used to ssh into the school laptops, turn the volume up, and play nyan cat. That got me in a lot of trouble. The funniest part was that my tech teacher didn't know what SSH was.

--> "My tech teacher didn't know what SSH was."

Yes Bro. I have officially taken the permission of my college to test the college network from the Network Incharge. And testing the network.

And also found that the college site is vulnerable and could be dafced.

So just to show them that its really vulnerable i have to deface it for a bit and inform them to increase the security. And cracking into teacher's account was a bet within me and my favourite teacher. She told me to prove that i am capable of doing so. And i did. I did get into her account.

Bro i am on good side. Not BAD

There are ways to get into the industry without degrees.


And in my country they just se the grades, no grades then they just wont tolerate you, unless you literally do something and prove your self that you are better than everyone else.

How? Let me know it GHOST.

The only thing we are taught in college or school is, all it matter's are the grades. idf you don't have good grades no job , no money, nothing.

They dont teach to be different.They just teach to get good grades.

I want to do something like Jullian Assange, Kevin Mitnick and moany more are their. i get inspired from them. want to be one of them one day nad i will. i know i will.

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