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hey guys i'm AbDou and this is my first post...
We are ?#?FSociety?. We are ?#?Malicious? and ?#?Hostile?. We do not ?#?Compromise?.
Welcome to the ?#?Revolution?

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Didnt get what you wrote there..

Anyway welcome!!

The question mark at the end of each of your statements suggests that you are unsure as to your identity, your intentions and whether or not you will in fact compromise. Might I respectfully suggest that you either (a) give some thought to the purposes of your group, or

(b) consider a language course covering the correct use of punctuation.

Best of luck with the revolution by the way, hope it goes well.

Kind Regards


did you ever watch Mr. Robot? FSociety is an important hacker group in the series.


speaking about mr. robot. does anyone know when season two is coming?
Im too lazy to look it up myself.

is season 1 already finished then?


Tonight is the final episode of season 1.

I love Mr.Robot so much!!
Hope you have a nice day.

wow, time flies when you are enjoying it!


Uh, there is one more episode in this season :o
I thought it end in episode 9

Im so excited :D

It does end in episode 9.
They count from zero haha.
Love that show

i don't get it , there is 9 or 10 episodes ??!

There are 10. Episode 1 is called, and episode 10 tonight is called eps1.9_zer0-day.avi. They started with the pilot as 0, as Crashtime said.

Mr Robot Inspiration TV series for Great minds.

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