Forum Thread: Full Power of Kali Sana?

Hello fellas, just in the mood for discussion. I started learning Kali links about a month ago and I am putting in at least 5 hours everyday.

"A fool person can ask more question than a wise man can answer"

I still wonder, despite its awesome tools and capabilities, what is this platform's actually capable of In the real world scenario?

For example, I have the target machines IP address. I can scan its router ports. ( The real world is never in the same network so we are talking about over the internet). What then?

Or I have targets phone number, what can be done with that?
Or I get a suspicious email and I wanna trace it back to its sender.
The point is, I would like to obtain knowledge of the real world scenario instead of penetrating your own virtual box.

Additionally, is there any such thing as watching outside the router and attaching a payload of the packets going in and out of the firewall?

Pardon my "newbidity"
Thanks in advance, also appreciate private messages.

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It can do anything you could do in a virtual lab, you just need the knowledge on networking, linux in general and programming. Oh, and lots and lots of time spent practicing.

There are numerous ways to exploit a system, if each individual member here on nullbyte were to post "there own way" there would be hundreds of ways.

You want to obtain knowledge of how to hack in a real world scenario, the best way to do it is try it yourself. I'm not trying to discourage you, but nobody is going to take out the time of there life it would take to teach you. Even the professionals are still learning things.

You should start by following tutorials on nullbyte, once you have the knowledge you need then you should set up a vulnerable box on a friends network to practice on and start there, since you are seeming to want to hack something not on your internal network.

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