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Lets say there is a website that has lets say some videos or images or text that needs a paid account to access..

But that text or videos or images is on the website right?? So if I download the while website.. will it bypass that then??

If not then how can we bypass that?? Web apps??

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8 Responses

  1. How do you plan to download the website?
  2. Well no, if you're not given access to the domain there surely isn't a way to download it. You need access to it somehow.
  3. otw is doing a tutorial on hacking web apps so if wait for the next part of that. I know I am :P


Theres this app callled httrack...

And how will it have access to the restricted domains. I mean of you don't why would it?


Just a thought lol...
So when is the next part in the web apps series coming out??

When I viewed the source.. there was a section that if youre not logged in.. then it takes user and passwors for login.. but in source there was no section about when logged in...

If it were that easy, everyone would do it.


Hah yea...
But when is the next tut on webapps coming?? Otw is running so many series...

That made my day ;);)

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