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Hi, I'm quite new here and I have to say that I didn't find better place to start learning about hacking/pen testing, but I slightly miss here references to other sources, where I can learn more about topics I read in posts here.

I know that I can find all these things in google, but it sometimes takes a lot of time to find a good website, or tutorial, where I can read about, lets say, TCP/IP protocols and many times I read some tutorials just to figure out after a hour that there is a better source elsewhere, so, all my searching for informations looks like a random trial and error...

So, I have one idea... When this site is full of amazing posts, why not add one amazing reference to other sites/videos/curses..., where we, begginers, can learn more about topics on this page? I don't know if it would be helpfull for everyone, but for me it would be life saving.

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