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Hello My Fellow Noobs and Experts,

I am new here but follow your Tutorials since 3 months now and already have learned a lot. First I want to say thanks to the admins and contributors of this site, because I think its a very nice and dedicated site and community.

Now to my question: What will the future of hacking possibly look like?

I read about different things in the last time. For example the new seL4 Kernel or quantum computing. And how do y'all think about emerging technologies like Lifi, robots and the IoT and so on.

I also know a guy who is a pentester and who visited one of the few Cybersec studies at a university in Germany, who said that it wont get any easier, because there is an awareness for the necessity of security arising.

(I hope my post is good to understand, because i am not a native english speaker)

Greetings John

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2 Responses

Of course, as they said, it's not getting any easier. Consider that it will shift from vulnerability scanning to more of brute force, with quantum computers coming that have speeds enough to crack the strongest encryptions we know of, considerably quickly.

-The Joker

We have to evolve with the technology. As long as we can manage to stay at least one step ahead, the future of hacking will continue to be an insanely bright one.


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