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Hello, I would like to attack one person, that I never seen, but I saw what he posts on facebook and it disgust me. I'm new to hacking, it's like 3 months that I started reading in this site and other forum online, I made some attack to a virtual machine, but nothing of serious. But I don't want to focus to the attack, maybe I'll never do, I would like to focus on gather information about him. I doxed him, and I found a lot of informations, his emails, his name, the street where he lives, his phone number, his hobbies, where he studies, what he studies, who are his parents, a lot of things of his life but I would like to know more about his computer, what OS, open ports, ecc ..., I was wondering if there is something to do about this, I can't reach him because he is far away from where I live, is there any methods?maybe obtaining is public IP and then do somethings.

Thanks everyone for your attention :)

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This is extremely true. Majority of ANY hack should be spent doing recon.


I know that is the most important part, so I decided to post this question here. I already read most of this guides, but they are all related to local network, or to a website

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