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Hello, I would like to attack one person, that I never seen, but I saw what he posts on facebook and it disgust me. I'm new to hacking, it's like 3 months that I started reading in this site and other forum online, I made some attack to a virtual machine, but nothing of serious. But I don't want to focus to the attack, maybe I'll never do, I would like to focus on gather information about him. I doxed him, and I found a lot of informations, his emails, his name, the street where he lives, his phone number, his hobbies, where he studies, what he studies, who are his parents, a lot of things of his life but I would like to know more about his computer, what OS, open ports, ecc ..., I was wondering if there is something to do about this, I can't reach him because he is far away from where I live, is there any methods?maybe obtaining is public IP and then do somethings.

Thanks everyone for your attention :)

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This is extremely true. Majority of ANY hack should be spent doing recon.


I know that is the most important part, so I decided to post this question here. I already read most of this guides, but they are all related to local network, or to a website

The same rules in LAN also apply to WAN/internet.


I tried to use nmap with the external ip of another pc connected to the wifi from my android phone (different ex ip), but it seems to go in loop, it shows only "starting Nmap ..." . However, if I could scan his external Ip, I can't scan his pc, I can only reach his router, because of the NAT. Am I right?

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