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I continually browse & browse online, in the forum, on the site about a getting any informations from a distant PC some of the threads talk about my research but I'm searching a step by step for beginners cause I really don't know at all about Kali Linux or Metasploit some of the "good Samaritans" write online !

What I'm searching for is a way to have a maximum of informations (his/her IP, mails, passwords, documents, visited sites, discussions, personal photos ...) from an acquaintance's distant PC (meaning that someone doesn't have access on to put a spy software or whatever with an USB key or so). Please does someone know a way or a good thread online that could answer my research ? Thanks.

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An Nmap scan will tell some information about the machine, but the other stuff, like emails and passwords, is how people make a living and can't be explained in one forum post.

Ok FR33D0M, well I know acting that way is not a "good thing", but it's more by curiosity. I think it becomes illegal when you use peoples' informations against their willing. By the way & definition : hacking is also illegal and as a "hacking forum" I thought I could find some answers. Thanks for the advice.

Ok TACOCAT Thanks.

This is a white-hat forum, for teaching "hacking" for legal purposes. Knowingly teaching somebody how to do something illegal is in itself illegal. Honestly, many forum posts on this site can be used either way.

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