Forum Thread: How to get around being blocked on someone's phone.

If someone blocks your calls on iPhone is there a way to get around it? A few ios's ago you could change your setting to not show caller id and I thanked that worked. But that's gone as far as I can tell. Any other options? I have two options I would use of this happened too me.

1.sign up for free google voice. It can cost money to call but you can send texts to that person. It will just show up as the new number you are assigned.

  1. I'm not positive on this but I heard if you dial the country code first you can get through. Not sure how that works. How about you guys? Any other suggestions?

p.s. How can google just be handing out all these numbers? We're going to run out!

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1 Response

You should log into your router and find something called the DMZ and turn it on. else you will need to open all your ports in your router you can do this in it's menu. Be sure to set anything you see to open and stuff. Then, let me know what WAN you are using, I can help better if I know your WAN IP or Public IP after you open the ports.

Forward anthing to port 80 and you will be okay, other port could be 8000 or 8080, just let us know the WAN or public after you set the DMZ to open, we can help you from there.

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