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I read something somewhere sometime and want some clarification.

What information can get traced back to you after a successful / unsuccessful attack? After a quick brainstorm I thought of the following:

  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • DNS
  • MAC
  • Hostname

I currently spoof my MAC, and use PIA to mask both IPs and DNS (confirmed by In addition I will use proxychains if I really want even more protection.

Am I missing anything?

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Let's start by saying that given enough time and resources, any hack can be traced. You goal is to make it so time-consuming and expensive that they don't pursue it. That threshold, though, will depend upon who was hacked.

Exactly... anything can be traced in time...

So to make it timeconsuming and expensive... create a longer chain of proxies that dont cooperate to searches like swiss or sweden... use a number of them.. and use new everytime...

I am aware, but i think its important to outline the main avenues of tracing. If you do the dirty work from a network that has no association with you (ie a library or public hotspot), and you spoof your MAC, are there any other obvious tracks that lead back to you?

Cctv maybe??

But yeah using a cafe is safest...
Or just hack a wifi near your relatives house!! Haha;);)


that is also risky. the moment the officials storm their house, take their hardware, research it and find nothing whatshowever, they'll storm the neighboors.


But they wont find anything at neighbours too.. cause you took your pc with you back right??

Or go covert... take your van... park it outside a house... hack wifi.. enjoy!!

no, not yet atleast.

once they stamp in your relatives house and find their computers, and they find out you for example talked to your aunt about how you wrote a python brute forcing script (for example), the officials will find that you are suspicious, and then, you're next.

the best thing you can do is use a lot of proxies (like 50), use a darknet before going to the first proxy in the chain, encrypt all your traffic to your backdoor, fragment the packets you send, use a port which is probably not scanned much, and so on.

note: even with all these measures, you can still be tracked, but it will be really hard. so most likely, the officials will stop tracking you halfway because they think it is pointless. but if you pulled something of, like a cyber terrorism act where you disabled a power plant that led to 500 deaths, they will persist no matter what.


What about a bank robbery?? Haha ;);)
But why tell your aunt...
But the van thing is cool huh??

And then use a non-monitored public wifi connection? Im still trying to figure out what the AP collects from you when you connect. If it only connects MAC/PC name it seems like with some proper spoofing this would be more safe than using your home connection.

OTW did you write any post about how the trace is done ?..

check his forensic series.


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