Forum Thread: How to Get Caught

I read something somewhere sometime and want some clarification.

What information can get traced back to you after a successful / unsuccessful attack? After a quick brainstorm I thought of the following:

  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • DNS
  • MAC
  • Hostname

I currently spoof my MAC, and use PIA to mask both IPs and DNS (confirmed by In addition I will use proxychains if I really want even more protection.

Am I missing anything?

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5 Responses

Let's start by saying that given enough time and resources, any hack can be traced. You goal is to make it so time-consuming and expensive that they don't pursue it. That threshold, though, will depend upon who was hacked.

Exactly... anything can be traced in time...

So to make it timeconsuming and expensive... create a longer chain of proxies that dont cooperate to searches like swiss or sweden... use a number of them.. and use new everytime...

I am aware, but i think its important to outline the main avenues of tracing. If you do the dirty work from a network that has no association with you (ie a library or public hotspot), and you spoof your MAC, are there any other obvious tracks that lead back to you?

Cctv maybe??

But yeah using a cafe is safest...
Or just hack a wifi near your relatives house!! Haha;);)

OTW did you write any post about how the trace is done ?..

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