Forum Thread: How to Get Free Food with Social Engineering

Welcome back my, curious hackers! Today I am making this tutorial to show you how easy it is to trick employees into giving you free food. I don't know if this works at every food restaurant but I can guarantee that you will get a free meal from chipotle or a free drink of your choice from Starbucks if you follow this tutorial.

Step 1: Why Free Food?

Good question. The reason I am showing you this method is so that you can have a better understanding of communicating with employees and tricking them. This will help you with future hacking projects and maybe even save you one day.

Step 2: Start Calling

For the sake of this tutorial we are going to call a chipotle and see what we can get out of the manager.

Here is the call:

Hello, Chipotle, how may I help you today?

Hi I have a customer complaint. Could I speak to the manager?

Yes, one moment.

(I waited about 30 seconds)

Hello, manager speaking.

Hi, I have a customer complaint?


I came in the store yesterday and got a burrito, but when I ate the burrito it had a dead fly inside of it. My father and I were so grossed out we had to leave. I really don't know what to say about this...

What time did you come in yesterday?

(Answer a time when usually a lot of people would come in)
About 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock? I'm not really sure. Some time in the afternoon.

Okay well I'm very sorry to hear that. We could offer you a free meal on the house? (bam)

Okay that sounds fair...should I just say that I spoke to the manager?

Yes tell them you spoke with (name). Also what is your name?

Cameron. (The reason I used my real name is because there really is no flaw in this call...I could just say I was at the wrong chipotle if they questioned me)

Okay, Cameron do you want to come in now?

Sure... (if you don't want to at the moment just say you will come in tomorrow)

Alright, so then you're all good?

Yeah, thanks, bye.

So there you have it. We just scored a free chipotle meal. The problem with this trick is that you can only use it once on every store, otherwise that store will catch on.

Step 3: Getting Free Food at Drive Throughs

Getting through drive throughs with free food is just about as easy as calling. All you need is a good story, and a convincing attitude.

Here is the script I usually use:

Hello, what's your order?

Hey my dad came in like an hour ago and you forgot 2 cheeseburgers and a soda? He just called me and asked me to pick it up...

This trick usually works. For me it works 8/10 times. I personally like the phone call trick better, but this always works.

Step 4: Birthday Secret

Let me let you in on a little secret...

If you can convince an employee that it's your birthday without actually telling them, you will most likely get something for free.

I know this trick works at bars and restaurants that you can call.


For this trick all you need is a friend and a phone. Sit down at a restaurant or bar wearing a unique shirt, for instance checkers, or something that can be described over the phone. Have your friend call the restaurant from the bathroom or from outside of the building and have your friend say this:

Hey, sorry to bother you but there should be a guy in the restaurant right now wearing a checkered shirt? Could you tell him that we couldn't make it to his birthday party? And that we are really sorry?

The employee will most likely go to you and apologize that nobody came to your birthday party. When the employee does this, look down at the table kind of sad. The employee will most likely feel bad for you and give you something free.

Step 5: Conclusion

So you've learned how to call Chipotle or Starbucks and get something free, get free food from drive throughs, and trick employees into thinking it's your birthday. You are on a roll! Now if you are ever starving, or see someone else starving, you can help them out and get them a free burrito. Normally I would tell you guys I made this to help security, but I feel it is important to help the hungry. So now I hope you go out and give a homeless man a nice chipotle burrito and maybe a mocha coffee on the side. As always, thanks for reading! If you have questions or concerns feel free to comment. :D

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This article is class. Loving it. I am going to try this tomorrow because I am a cheap student.


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