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I'm new to hacking, but I already know how to get into computers with exploits through msfconsole and how to hack wifis.

At school in every classroom there's a computer for the teacher. So I was thinking is there anyway to get into the school's database and after that into the PC's. Some of them are running Windows 7 and some Windows XP.

Which exploit should I use and how to get the school's IP address?

Thanks in advance!

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wow...not even attempting to hide your illegal intentions. The school probably has a single public IP (if its a small school not a college) so on one of those computers type "my IP" into google. As for getting into one of those PCs you could use any number of attacks ranging from executing an exploit while on their network or using one of a million different social engineering vectors.


because you are new attempting to compromise your school's computers will most likely result in you getting caught, and depending on your state/countries laws, prosecuted. Don't be stupid and don't break the law unless you are willing face the consequences.

I agree with Standard User, but I'll give you some more info.

Have you used windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi?
Also, is this a local exploit or a WAN exploit?

EDIT: If you don't know how to get the school's ip address, how will you be able to hack into them?

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Try ms08067netapi like anon said. Or try putting a backdoored executable on the windows XP computer. Encrypt the files with hyperion maybe?

Trying to hack your way to an 'A' eh?

You don't need even exploit programs to get in.

You can just code your own on site since you should already know the network topography.

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