Forum Thread: How to Get More Viewers on Youtube.

hello every one , i was starting up to build my channel on youtube i wanted some advise how to get more viewers on there. (ofc subject of channel gonna be programming / pentesting )

tnx for your answers!.

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Make it elegant and clean and nice..
Make something unique.. and dont lose faith... itll take some time when you start getting viewers..

What is your channels name gana. I'm sure that i will watch all your videos as im beginner here.

Maximize your terminal and increase the font size so people can read it even when the quality of video is not high. Make it informal but full of explanations and perhaps links on the description if people want to know more.

Honestly i doubt people who know will follow you. Hence you need to focus on your potential public, which is for sure beginners. I think each video has to go to the point. Make it interesting by focusing on a single technique at a time (e.g. hack WEP passwords, MITM in LAN against your friend pc).

Go progressively higher in level so people will like to keep coming back to your channel to learn something more.

And as others have said, don't lose faith. Don't do it because you want to make money out of it. Do it because you like it. That is the best way of doing it best you can ;)

I agree with Bill. If you're doing it because you like it, do what feels right. Personally, I would love to see some videos going into more detail and explaining different ways to troubleshoot if a method works on one computer but not another. I've done so many tutorials on youtube only to find they only work on XP or a fresh win7 machine. And since they don't do into much detail, I have no idea what to try. Good luck!

well actully this is my channel
so what i already doing is making tutorial for c++ and later on for python
meanwhile im working on my pentesting tutorials but for now im just looking for good subject to do.

and ofc i dont do it for money( not even 1% of it i just dont like money and etc) and i just like to share my knowledge with other ppl but also i want them to see it and get more viewers just for that so ye...

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