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I want to set up port forwarding, but the router's password got changed by my ISP, and they wouldn't give it up to me. Is there any way I could get/change the password other than cracking?

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Why would your ISP change the router password and then not give you that information?


Because... Reasons? I don't know.

Just crack it with Hydra, be sure you know the router name, and also a slight guess of what the password maybe! then create a possible crunch key for it, now all you need the server ip for your router.. you're good to go! here is how to use hydra

I don't really want to crack it. The wifi password is ~20 random charaters and numbers, I think the admin password is similarly long.

E: Found out the password is random 11 characters and changes every day, so cracking is out of the question.

ISPs usually don't lock router settings.., and if you push the hadrware 'reset' button it will be brought to default password.

Anyway, can you give us more info on router brand & model ?

When I reset the router, it gets the configuration from the ISP.

Thomson TWG870.

So it has a custom firmware inside ? Did your operator ever provide on his site a new '.bin' firmware for updates ? Anyway, default password for stock firmware is admin:admin

And you should really try hydra first with all common passwords for routers.

I edited my reply higher up, the password is 11 random characters. The firmware is stock, but the configuration for it is downloaded by the router on startup.

That's a weird way to handle a router configuration... any chance you can sniff the config when it's downloaded ? What about using a new router, will it work with the same ISP ? What if you reset it and keep it unplugged from the internet, so it won't be able to update the config and change the password (which might be <blank>/admin according to some guides, not admin/admin)?

Also, if your problem is just port forwarding, have you tried checking if UpNP is enabled ? If so, you can use this to set the rules.

Thomson twg870 is a modem+router combo, I did try plugging my own router in, but there was no internet connection. The config is downloaded before the router even starts communicating with my network. I can access the admin panel when I unplug it, but all settings get replaced.

Even UpNP is disabled. They probably don't want customers setting up web servers.

I have TWG850 and it's a modem+router and I have full control over it. I don't even think they should be locking it out. What if you need to manage your wifi or dhcp or something? that is really unpractical of them if that's true. I would switch the ISP if they really do that stuff. By the way I can't think of a way they could be doing that from the outside if your firmware is stock. Please recheck everything and try default passwords. -ne py

I asked a tech once what can I do with the router, he said if I wanted the wifi password to be shorter I can call them up, nothing else. I can't switch my ISP, as I still live with my parents (16).

Default passwords don't work, I tried just about every combination of admin/user/<blank>.

modem- router + port1 + another router = Yes you can layer the network.

What do you mean by port1?

First layer will always be the locked modem, so no chance to get upnp working with this

LAN Plug number 1 on the back of the ISP router to plug 1 of the new router/switch/AP.

Already tried that, doesn't work.

Yeah you need to init 0 the ISP gear and replace it with your own gear. You can pick up modems cheap. Sounds like I wouldn't like your ISP too much.

Why is your ISP deeks about the gear? Have you asked?

Welp, looks like it. I have no idea why they lock down their gear so much.

Worst comes to worst find a WEP network nearby... I mean a public network. If there are none too close look into getting an antenna.

With your ISP I wouldn't even dream of carrying out any kind of attacks if that's what you're trying to setup.

URBZ i edit your Comment, you're right! when setting up a router is like hacking a SWAT data base! then how can you dream of hacking with such router? it broken bro! just find a public network.

Hey, so I found out today that I can manage my router through my ISP's website. There's only a few options there, but it includes turning the router into a bridge, so I could attach my own router. Everything works nicely now. Just wanted to share this.

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