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Hey, guys! I'm kinda new here and "new" to the hacking world too.

I would like to know from you if there are any articles that I can use to get started with the stuff. I already have regular knowledge of basic network functions (protocols, layers and so on) and Kali Linux installed here.I mean.. I really aim to be security expert (that's why I'm getting started with Linux and Python too) and I found Null Byte to be very helpful to achieve this. Well, please, help me if you can and thank you all (:

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Welcome to Null Byte!

Check out my article "How to Use Null Byte to Study to Become a Professional Hacker"


Depends on what you want to get into... the thing with hacking is you can't learn everything. I mean you can try but you just can't. I tried learning everything but I noticed that I am mainly trying to get passwords and I decided to specialize in that, but I also realized that understanding the basics with nmap, metasploit, and sqlmap, plus various other tools is just as important as specializing in a area. I suggest you think it all through, what do you want to do? that's the question that really honestly determines where you will go from there. Hope that helps. :)

I would recommend on starting with master OTW wi-fi hacking series so you can go right into practical exercises

Thank you so much for the help here o/

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