Forum Thread: 'Getsystem' Without Meterpreter?

So I started using Meterpreter and found out about the getsystem command which uses '15 build in ways to gain sysadmin privilegies'

So I thought if it was possibly to use this command without meterpreter so for example you have an USB-Stick with an executable which runs this these 15 ways without to use meterpreter. (You'd have to gain physical acces to your victim to use this)

But is this possible?

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In short, the answer is "no". Having said that, there are some possibilities, none of them easy.

getsystem is a script for the Meterpreter. You could install the Meterpreter physically onto the system and use it. Second, you could re-write the script to run from a command prompt (cmd.exe).


Can you tell me where the getsystem script is located? I can't find it...


First, I want to correct myself. getsystem is a command in the meterpreter script. The script for meterpreter can be found at:


Hope this helps.


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