Forum Thread: Getting Ip of Router

is there a way to get the ip of someones router if i know their home address?

i was thinking if you know their home phone number you could get it that way.

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A public IP address has absolutely nothing to do with a physical home address; it's assigned arbitrarily by your internet provider.


i was thinking something like war dialing would be able to get the router that way. so there is absolutely no information you could get with that?

Well that's how we're all connected; through phone lines. You were talking about a physical home address.

EDIT: In regards to gaining information from war dialing or from a specific phone number; that's outside of my scope of knowledge.


You are right, GHOST_there is no information that can be gleaned that way. Also, just like DHCP, that IP address is just a lease and changes constantly.

Good to know; thanks for the clarification OTW.


i dont know if im wrong, but i hope this help you.

you should try get the steam,skype,email, or another thing with social engineering then you can send a image linked with a php script that gets the ip or a skype resolver.

this is the easiest way i think

If you just want their Internet Protocol address you can send them a link to grab it or social engineer their ISP depending on the provider.

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