Forum Thread: Getting Started with Aircrack-Ng

Hello. I am new in this hacking field.

Well not that much new i have using some hack softwares also i am a pro programmer in C, C++ and VB (visual Basic) still never heard about Air crack.I need help to getting started with it.

With Basics: how to download and Install, how to program it. and how to learn its language

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Greetings, kinda on the vague side so allow me to post a few links.

If you will be doing pentest training with us. We use Kali mostly here. It contains most basic tools for our guides. Anything else we point you at.

Kali O/S:

If you are going solo route and just want Aircrack then here ya go.

I guess i would choose training with you all. As is see Kali uses back track?
Inform when it started And what skill are required for it.
I want to start from beginning and reach to the End.
Will do the best with you all .

Kali is BackTrack. Just the newest, updated OS. BackTrack is no longer supported.


so how do i install Aircrack. i have it downloaded.
What should i use to install it?

Aircrack-ng is pre-installed on Kali.


Hello Umair Shahid!

Knowing programming langs such as C and C++ is excellent,
but not the only requirement in the case of Hacking.
I strongly recommend you to read the following articles:

1:Linux Basics (if you dont know them):
Linux Basics
2:Scripting (also if you dont know it):

For much more and better info, take a look at this post:

Essential skills to become a master hacker

Thanks Matt!

Those are good recommendations.

Thank you Matt Buller,
I Will run a search on it and try to understand. If got problems will contact you.
Thank you for the articles.

You'll also need to find out if your wireless adapter is capable of utilising aircrack-ng.

You'll also need to learn a lot more languages. Javascript is a good option due to the fact that such a significant amount of computers have it installed. Not to mention web pages are riddled with scripting; relatively easy to inject a Javascript trojan into a faux website.

Reading through the tutorials as Matt Buller suggested is probably the best place to get started; they really are the fundamentals and without fundamentals you don't have a solid foundation to build on.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions.


Thank you for informing about capability with Wireless Adapter,
Will read the article and get through it.
And if something Interrupt the program or a different problem will let you know.

No need to download it. It is built into Kali.

ok thanks now downloading Kali through torrent 64 bit ISO
Will let you know after it downloads

i need help with installing KALI LINUX.
As i was installing i was stuck in the option Disk partitions.

i didn't understand which partition should i choose or will it format the partition or do something else Also explain the further options while installing Kali Linux

It depends upon whether you are installing it in a VM or dual boot. If VM, use the whole disk.

Could you explain which is better and in what way?

I suggest you use a VM. Download Virtual Box or VMWare Workstation and install Kali into those.


I am searching on installing Kali in VM. it shows that i would have a desktop with a whole different format. i can't find the right answer from anywhere.

Sry for asking that much about Installation but i don't want to mess up with my Comp. i have important stuuf in it.

Did you install the VM software?

Still didn't
First i installed it with burning That iso on CD and and install it from with boot

You are confused. The VM software is an application you install in Windows.

could you tell me the full name of the software and its version . So i won't make any mistakes

VirtualBox and VMWare are the best options.
There's a lot of documentation about both (I suggest VirtualBox), but if you have problems don't hesitate to ask!

Done i downloaded it. How can i install it and if i do i have seen allot of video of this its kinda show that is changes the format of Desktop. Need help with it explain it. i'll be thankful

You are confused.
Let me explain:

-When you download VirtualBox, just follow the installation, very easy.
-You should also have a Kali Linux ISO, which I guess you have

-It doesn't matter if you use windows or mac osx, you should have the VirtualBox launcher somewhere (you probably agreed to create a desktop shortcut).

-Once you open VirtualBox, create a new Virtual Machine.

But first: It doesn't actually change the "format of the Desktop". When you start a VM VirtualBox opens a new windows where you can use the OS you chose (in this case Kali Linux).

-To create a new Virtual Machine, in the top left corner click "new", then fill in the fields Name with the name you want, the Operation System field with "Linux", version with "Debian 32 bit"(EDIT: I've just seen you downloaded the 64 bit version, in that case "Debian 64 bit"). Then click on "create".

-In the next page, leave everything as it is, or you can make base memory size bigger, but not more than 15 GB, should be enough. Then click on "create".

-In the left vertical bar a new Machine is created, with label the name that you chose. Before starting it, we have to change something.

-Select the machine and then click the "Settings" button in the top left.
-Go to "System" then "Processor" and check the PAE/NX checkbox.
-Now select the Machine you created and then click the start button in the top left corner.

-The window that has been opened is the "Desktop format" that you said before. It's just a normal window that you can change to Full Screen whenever you want.

-You have to select the source now. There should be a menu where you can see your own hard disks. You should click the "Browse" icon next to it and select the Kali Linux ISO.

-Wait for the boot, and there you go!

Correct me if you find any error

Thank you for you time. i think it helped me allot. but whats up with the wireless network what i know, it is use to crack other online devices info Like wifi password. i don't use and i guess don't have wireless network card. could you explain it.

That's very confusing. Could you be more accurate? Grammar is important, in a world where our only way to understand you is english (my english is bad too, but I try).

I'll try to guess what you mean:

1) You just started Kali Linux but you can't connect to internet nor use any wireless related service. A "device not managed" error is shown when you open the wireless manager in the top right.

2)You want to know how aircrack-ng works and where you can find it.

Also, very sadly, if you are using Virtual Box you won't be able to use aircrack-ng as it requires an extern wireless adapter (Virtual Box simulates Ethernet cable), like USB, to be recognized by VirtualBox and then, with USB support, you can finally use it in Kali Linux.

A solution to this problem could be installing and booting Kali Linux from USB, which is what I did (but you said you don't have a wireless adapter... so you have your own computer's wireless adapter at least? If your main windows/mac can connect to an access point, then you do). I can briefly explain it here, but it requires a proper how-to. Luckily I'm working on it right now, but it'll require me more time to publish. I can address you to some articles or Kali Linux official documentation links, if you want.

do you use any other kind of messenger media, Like.. . Skype, yahoo. or something else.
because i think it'd be easy for me to understand if we talk one to one.
not asking for anything personal.

I don't usually give away personal accounts, but here we have a mail/pm manager! If you click on my account in the top right corner you'll see a "send message" button. Then we'll talk about it later.It's good to close it here, we are completely in Out Topic, contact me when you can, I'll tell you more.

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