Good Bye: A Little Note for Null Byte About Sploit

Hello guys,

To get straight to the point, My friend and senior school mate Sploit won't be available for some time and since he wouldn't be able to access any electronic devices ( His a final year student and there is a strict rule concerning final year students using devices ), He sends his greetings to you all and asks you to bear with him, He also apologizes to anyone who needs help with any of his articles. Lastly, He said I should inform all that should anyone need help with his articles; Ciuffy, OTW, Cracker, _ghost, Phoenix, Cyber, Kitten especially and the others are there to help you. Thank you very much.

( We would all probably hear from him next year. Peace )

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9 Responses

I won't exactly miss him because I would be seeing him at school. But I miss this man here

Hmm, What school do you guys go to? I'm wondering because I'm looking for colleges and such to apply to within the next year.

Sploit will be missed!!!!!!!!!! Although, I cannot wait to see him next year!

St Aggrey Memorial Institute. From kindergarten to college. But its off the grid, I mean not for International students.

Ahh, okay :D Thank you :D

I'll be waiting for you Sploit, wish you the best.

Best of luck for him on his final year, then :)

(never heard of a place where you can't use electronics because you're studying, is that common?)

No, But that's a common tradition for final year students. Its just there to deter them from using social media and stuff instead of learning. Ok, lemme say Internet of Things instead of electronic devices. My bad.

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