Forum Thread: Good Release Cycle of Tutorials

I am thinking about doing 1 tutorial a week. Is this a good amount? I can do more if people think that would be better.

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First off, may I ask what topics you plan to write tutorials about?

I have recently started a hacking metasploitable style tutorial. At some point I want to do one about the setup and operation of the zues botnet

If you are able too, why don't you consider writing tutorials twice a week. One on the Zeus malware and another on metasploitable. Both sound like great topics, I look forward to reading them.

Ok I will try that. Thanks for the feedback!

No problem. Keep those metasploitable tutorials coming!

A content calendar would help you out. Most writers will publish content weekly or bi weekly or even daily if they love writing.

You need time to research and verify sources before post time. 2 times a week is great if you have a stack of material ready to go. You do not want to create a pace you can not keep up with or you will lose reader base to uncertainty of content publication.

You could keep them guessing but the target demographic's ADHD will beat you out on that one every time. Word count is pretty big too

(off hand thought.)

I agree with the HitchHiker.

Just a personal experience: when I first started publishing posts, I couldn't post more frequently than one month because of time for reseaeches, looking for new topics that might be interesting, given that I have my life too. Only when I had 90 pages of drawn content ready I decided to post once a week. Now, I just contribute whenever I can with reports about projects I've been working on or new technologies that I think deserve the attention of Null Byte users, since I've been very busy recently.

Good Luck with your posts, I'll be following you ;-)

Thank you two for your advice :) I really appreciate it.


You should probably listen to Ciuffy's and Cyber's advice, as they have more knowledge when it comes to writing articles, whereas I have zilch.

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