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I need a good and secure server-sideded programming language to code a server.

Server will be used for http and basic socket connections.

Anyone got a clue, which one i should use?


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From your basic description, almost any option would work... So... Which server side languages do you already know? What hardware / OS do you want to be able to run it on? How heavy will the load be?

I am good in Python, Ruby, and know a bit of c#. These would get the socket job done, but i don't think they are good for a larger amount of clients or a even a good server-sided language. Probably a linux server, not sure yet. It's going to be the back end for an mobile app later.

All are great server-side languages and will support larger amounts of clients just fine (from fastest to slowest: C#, Python, Ruby). But if hosting on Linux, the new Open Source CLR for C# is still a bit young so I wouldn't recommend it. I'd recommend going with the one you're most comfortable with... That said, if this is going to be the back end for a mobile app, maybe start with one of the many hosting platforms that do the heavy lifting for you in your language of choice (unless you're looking at this more as a learning project where you'd like to re-invent the wheel, so to speak, just to make sure you know how it all works).

how about the famous PHP ?!!
80% of servers use PHP

Only because of Wordpress. PHP is not the best choice for starting something new.

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