Forum Thread: *I Got a Problem with Sqlninja*.

So i open Terminal and i type sqlninja -m t -f /root/sqlninja.conf then i get an error saying

And i Use This version of kali linux.

And Everything is fully up to date.And i Use GNOME version

So if anyone knows how to fix this error please tell me a way to fix it :)

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Well I haven't used sqlninja, nor am I good with Linux, but it looks like your config file is missing. Either download another config file or re-install sqlninja.

Sqlninja is not finding the sqlninja.conf in the root users home directory. Go to /etc then do ls | grep sqlninja.conf to see if it exists in the etc directory. If it exists then mv it to the home directory of the root user, if you want you can make a directory for it so you don't have a random config file floating around.

Edit: never used this program so i don't know why you are trying to access the config file in root. Try the /etc directory instead of /root/configfile

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#tar zxvf sqlninja-0.2.3-r1.tgz
#cd sqlninja-0.2.3-r1

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