Forum Thread: I Got wlan0,on Kali Linux in a VM but I Dont See eth0,(HELP)

i was trying to hack someone wifi by performing a handshake on kali linux,when i check my network interface,i saw wlan0 and LO but no eth0,please help (: .

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You Are using Kali in Virtual Environment Right?
First Thing, wireless attacks need your Wireless Adapters Which is Wlan0
And if you want to perform handshakes, you absolutely need wlan0 .

Second and last thing, You said The system doesnt show eth0,
As you might Know, eth0 is for ethernet connection which is a wired or you can say a bridge connection

If you wanna handshake, You need wla0 rather than eth0 (eth0 is absolutely for no mean, it is for wired connection to internet and you cant perform wireless attacks with it.)

I Hope you will find your Answer, Ask Further If Need.
Thank You

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