Forum Thread: Guys? Can Anyone Explain What's This?

I'm getting this message for a while whenever I start Metasploit. Can anyone explain what this message (A database appears to be already configured, skipping initialization) means and/or if its an error. I'm using VirtualBox (i don't even think that really matters though).
P.S -> I'm completely new to this so I'm sorry if there's some mistake.

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Its just the standard startup. It shows something different every time; in this case it shows METASPLOIT ASCII art, and an ad for Metasploit Pro, and then the ordinary msf > command shell.

The Metasploit Framework has their own database of exploits and such, which uses Postgresql. This is good that it says this, but if it ever doesn't, just try the commands msfdb init and service postgresql start (2nd must be root, idk about first)

it is metaspliot u can search occupytheweb tutorials for more information

Thanks CV Nikhil and I got what I needed to know...

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