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Hello guys im new here , first i loved this site alot it is solved alot of my problems

okay as we know if we creat an android payload and send it , it will have a MainActivity name , with blank screen , so the victim will remove it as soon as u know , so it is noob payload ! :(

so in my opinion there are two ways to make the victim dont able to remove it:
first: embed the payload with any apk like fb.apk .... etc, but if u do that u cant devlope the payload any more ......

the seconde i think it is a new idea that make the payload.apk work as widget !! is that possible ? im sure that is possible but im very noob in java and android studio

but if we did that the payload will not have an icon in android screen and dont not have background in task manger
so can any one help me ???

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jokander tunisia , what you have posted is a question(kind of) , this post should be in the forum section there is a difference between question and tutorial. just take care next time and welcome to nullbyte

okay so sorry i dont knowt that :) that my first day here ^^

I will be trying to make something like that... I am developing apps on android studio and that idea came to me.. For now I thought I would get the source code from the APK with the payload which Metasploit generated and add it to my app.

Don't know if it would really work but No harm in trying :D
I have Exams this week, So Next week I'll try it.

yap bro im sure it work like zealspy
i tried to decompile zeal spy via apktool but it cant do that
i think it is very easy just copy smali files to widget and after i dont know

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