Forum Thread: Hack Android Using Msfconsole and ./Ngrok Http 80

i am trying to create a hack link using msfconse and ngrok
use exploit/android/browser/webview_addjavascriptinterface
but it is giving me

Handler failed to bind to <ngrok ip>:80:- -

  • Handler failed to bind to -
  • Exploit failed bad-config: Rex::BindFailed The address is already in use or unavailable: (

this error, what am i doing wrong?

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well it depends on what you put as ur handler settings and payload settings when u created it.

when using Ngrok u need to make sure that payload is set using the ngrok info so it be like and your port will be the port u put when starting ngrok so if u put ./ngrok http 80 then u need to set port to 80on payload and handler. now when u set up handler on msfconsole u want to set your lhost to which is your localhost loopback and the lport will be same as before so 80 do not use the port that ngrok gives u if it does. so you settings should look like this.

./ngrok http 80 #this starts your ngrok service on port 80
LHOST: #Note: do not use the http:// or https:// just use the link
use exploit/android/browser/webview_addjavascriptinterface

Now try that and if that doesn't work msg back on this or for faster reply email me at

so im curious tho before I help you anymore. your location lists as Nigeria so please elaborate. Are you a black hat hacker and just spoofing your location as their or r u a pos scammer from Nigeria trying to scam people and their information to get money creditcards etc. because if your the second you sir r a pos and need to stop hating americans and get a fucking job we all have to work hard and most of us don't have silver spoons stuck up our asses. them mfers fuck us just as much but scammers attack not rich people but take advantage of hard working poverty stricken americans. let that sink in. and also I would have nothing but joy putting you on blast to my white hacker network of colleagues and exploiting you before you have the ability to open your next tutorial. ;) let me know if your number one and need more assistance or if your number 2 no respond necessary and we will be more acquainted real soon.

#End-Note: "GAME OVER"

Bro he just wants to learn how to hack we all do and it's a good thing everyone needs to learn how to do the attacks to defend against them and we all like learning for different purposes I like learning cause hacking has always looked cool but I'll never hack for illegal purposes unless I feel like I could help someone maybe like a girl boyfriend abuses her and she needs evidence to put him in jail or rapes her so hacking is good I believe knowledge is power but it depends on what you use it for but I would never rob money from anyone just like to learn

but your problem seems to be that your localhost or is being used by ngrok for the loopback tunnel service so using should address the issue if it doesn't then kill all your services and restart ngrok then make sure you don't have a reverse_bind set up on your local host that is blocking other services

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