Forum Thread: How to Hack Android While on Ethernet?

port forward blocked by isp. need an alternative.

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I dont think ISP comes into picture as you can use any dynamic host client, and make payload and send to victim. When it tries to connect on you public IP, f you have enable port forwarding it should give you a meterpreter shell on your local PC.

like no-ip duc client?? how to install duc client??

no-ip is not suppported by my router but dlinkddns is. so i am using dynddns.

done. now what should i do to port forward?

Use a VPN. I know VPN premium supports port forwarding.

Why use VPN? ya if you wanna be anonymous then its ok.

Make payload with your dyddns name. and send it to victim. and port forward in your router to local PC in which you'll be listening for incoming connections. Done.

If you dont get it still, then just go through null bytes. there is an article related to your section bro.

If your ISP blocks port forwarding, then you can port forward through a Virtual Private Network.

port check says port 4444 is closed on my ip... and what LPORT should i use on msf? my attack machine ip or ddns host name?

You could use any open port, but most people use 444 or 4444.

just call your isp and they will unblock it

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