Forum Thread: How Hack Billboard?

I have many billboards in my city. So i'm wanna hack one of them. What do I need to do this? And how exactly hack it?

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These billboards aren't connected to some kind of network in most cases. However, if you manage to physically interact with the device controlling it, the rest should be child's play.

Also, take note that we are a white hat community and that we only use our skills for the good, and not to disrupt people. Please respect that, because what you are trying to do sounds like black hat activity.


>because what you are trying to do sounds like black hat activity.
But what if I want to show the vulnerability of billboards?

Before pointing out a vulnerability, you first need to find one.


Yep. And i'm asking how find the vulnerability. Or simple. How hack it?

Most billboards are accessed by a control panel on the side. They're usually locked, but if you find one unlocked, or decide you want to pick the lock, it is quite easy to control.

And how figure out where control panel?

Thanks. I will check the availability of an open panel in the coming days.

That's what I meant. Thanks for clarifying.


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