Forum Thread: How to Hack Blackberry Classic

Hi everybody.
With what should I start?

Well recently I decided to learn hacking as a hobby and downloaded Kali. Of course I understand that the scripting and coding knowledge is needed before even starting all this. But I am thinking about learning it on a fly.

So let's cut to the case.

My main target is to hack a Blackberry Classic smartphone, secondary - hack Yahoo accounts password (most likely will have to use social engineering), and hack Mac Book.

I have many questions!
1) How do I even hack Blackberry Classic and have access to GPS, messages, etc.?
2) Where could I find tutorials to achieve my 'hacking list goals?
3) Is it possible to lurk inside Mac OSX while it's closed/turned off/'hibernating'?
4) Is there a way to find in-depth tutorials for my goals?
5) Or maybe lucky to find some source codes?
6) Maybe there is some other way to get a password for Yahoo account (I have e-mail address but not password).

Sorry if my questions sound silly but I tried to lurk in this website for answers but unfortunately I wasn't able to get straightforward answer.

Thank you for your understanding and advice in advance! :D


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4 Responses

I suggest learning the basics first before you go into that sort of stuff. You won't learn anything if you go onto a tutorial and just type whatever it tells you to. That's just copying and not learning/understanding. There are many great books and websites out there.

Here are some websites I would suggest for you: - Start with beginners. Security+.

Good luck.


Finally decent advice.
I am thinking about carrier change to forensics or something.
So starting point is great.
Thank you very much for your advice mate.


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