Forum Thread: How to Hack Facebook or Email on Windows??

what software should i use?

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Look at this.

Search bars are cool.


You should use VMware and a great hacker OS called Kali, trying to hack from windows is like trying to eat spaghetti with your eyes closed, aka not the right way to go about your business, very messy, and a hassle.


can u tell the details..?

Just realized it sorry newbie here.

There are plenty of GUI tools for windows. Although they work better in linux (allegedly) you can still hack with your current OS.

You have VERY limited possibilities with Windows, but yes, you can dabble in hacking with Windows.

Can i still hack wifi if my adapter isnt compatible with kali linux??
what are possible ways

can you send me the tutorial please??

I think there no such Software who can easily hack windows....

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