Forum Thread: Hack !! Hack!! Hack!!

I want to know from everyone, want everyone to share their tactics and their knowledge.

My question is that if you got into the Router's gateway and you know the password, WHAT WILL BE THE FIRST THING YOU DO, but you cant change the password due to some reason..

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Open a port to put a listener on later on.


Nothing more..

Not anything I could think of. Don't copy my signature, you're not Phoenix750 ;)


LMFAO i laughed so hard at the signature part...

My password is 164 characters long. have fun.


You both made ma laugh harder now :D and what kind of password is that, It's more of a "Pass paragraph"

:D yes bro
--Anamika :)

it's funny how both post are connected.

Yeah, this guy is just asking useless questions instead of "googling" he thinks hacking is just about defacing websites

You better not teach me what hacking is about..
And i never said hacking is just defacing.. LMFAO.

No question is useless.

If you think it is, please correct the OP and lead him to what you think is useful.

I did... Several times, Well no need to spam the front page like that, one post with several questions would be enough.

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