Forum Thread: How to Hack HTTPS Secured Account?

Hello sir,is there any way to Hack account which is secured by HTTPS?As much as I know http secured account can be hack easily by sniffing or MITM attack. But is there any way to hack https secured account like google or facebook by cookies hijacking or session hijacking?... And please not by using SET (dns spoofing)..... thanks for reading..... And i am apologizing if i disturbed someone by asking terrible questions (may be)...But sir i want to know... Thanks again

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First, this should be posted in forums. How-tos is a section specifically for tutorials.

Now, assuming you already have MITM access, use SSL Strip functionality (either in old software or by finding new) and the undoubting victim will connect through normal http.

-The Joker

Thanks sir, next time i will post my question in forum...

Sir can you tell me how to use SSLstrip?

can you give me solution?
SSLStrip plugin: bind 80 on 59263
SSLStrip: cannot setup the redirect, did you uncomment the redircommandon command on your etter.conf file?
SSLStrip: plugin load failed: Could not set up HTTP redirect

showing problem in ettercap.....when tried to add sslstrip plugin...

I guess we even have some standalone SSL Strip softwares.

-The Joker

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