Forum Thread: How to Hack an Instagram Account?

I am completely new to hacking. I want to hack an fake instagram account. Can anyone teach me how to?

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If you are completely new then you should just read a tutorial and follow everything like a religious scripture. You can't hack the account but you can use password cracking to crack the password to the account and log in (as long as you already know the username). With a large platform such as instagram the security will probably be tight. Try using a brute force platform and tutorial.

can you please guide me on how to hack instagram account or generate the password?

Since you are a beginner, don't try to rush it. Instagram is secure than you think. But it is not un-penetrable. I think you should learn about Kali Linux first, it is a linux for penetrating. After learning various hacks, try learning bruteforce to hack the password. Then by that time, you should know how to do it.

Or should I do a tutorial? :)

plllsss a tutorial will help

I made one, come and check it out!

Ok, will make one soon....

Hi Justin, I need your help with a Instagram account. Please message me and I will give you the details. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

I assure you I did not message you(Old joke)
How can I help?

I'm not skilled enough to hack an Instagram account. If I gave you the persons information would you be willing to do it for me? It's important to me and I don't really know what else to do. Please

I know a dude but he takes money.....

Go around the internet and find someone. This is not a site to do these kind of things.

Having an issue downloading kali Linux saying cd rom can't be found then the tutorial you recommended isn't allowing me to download VMware player on my computer. Any suggestions?

Please open a new thread. Thanks.

I suggest you listen to the others that have replied. You don't just hack Instagram accounts. Trust me. Took me years to learn what I know now. Unless you want to get scammed and hacked yourself, I suggest, don't act like a idiotic skid. As harsh as I am, I'm going from experience.

Getting error at the last step

you can use BruteSploit

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